Fun With A Disposable Camera: Make A Photo Time Capsule!

by Lynnette

disposable cameras

splashing-water-at-waterproof-camera.jpg Here’s another fun idea from the folks at Photojojo (…the creative people who show us new ways to try DIY projects with photos).

Make your own photo time capsule with just one disposable camera!

Here’s the scoop…


From Photojojo:

STEP 1:  Buy a cheap disposable camera.

STEP 2:  Take your disposable camera everywhere you go for a week, or on a vacation. Take pictures of all your friends. Fill it up with photos.

STEP 3:  Write your name, address, phone, email, today’s date, and the words â€ŔPhoto Time Capsule! Develop me in a few years” on the camera. Sock it in a drawer.

STEP 4:  Let time pass. Move in and out of relationships, jobs, apartments. Find happiness and live life fully.

STEP 5:  Rediscover camera in some dusty box, bookshelf, or corner. Develop it.

STEP 6:  Admire the odd stains and scratches on the photos you get back. Marvel at what your sepia-toned life was once like. Sigh, smile.


The Inspiration For This Project

This idea for a DIY photo time capsule originally came from Adam Varga, who discovered an old disposable camera and developed the photos years later.

Check out Adam’s photo time capsule (and more fun ideas from Photojojo).

waterproof-disposable-camera-on-board.jpg Hmmm… Jim and I use disposable waterproof cameras all the time.

And Adam’s story reminded me that I have a old (undeveloped) waterproof disposable camera somewhere from that time Jim & I went camping and whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg a few years ago.

Now if only I could remember where I put it!!!