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I have 2 regular digital photo frames, plus 1 large digital photo frame I made myself from an old laptop. Here's how to put a photo slideshow on your laptop

With the most basic digital photo frames costing $50 or less, they’re affordable, fun, and perhaps the perfect gift for some of the people on your list.

If you've always wanted PhotoShop, but couldn't afford it, now you can use PhotoShop for FREE! It's got 17 cool features (and lacks a couple too, but it's great for free!


If you print out your digital photos online (or even at stores like Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart), then you'll LOVE this site because it compares the prices!

Photoshop is great, but it's not for everyone. These photo editors have received top ratings for removing red-eye, resizing, cropping, rotating, lightening, darkening, or applying fun effects.


Most of us have hundreds (or thousands) of digital photographs! Whether you use a software program to organize your photos or not, here's how to keep tabs on all of your digital photos.


How many pictures do YOU take daily?... weekly?... yearly? And what are you doing with all of those images? Here are some photo organization ideas...