Photo Stamps: See How To Make U.S. Stamps With Your Photo On Them!

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Yes, you can put your own personal photos on postage stamps … and it’s just TOO cool.

True, each stamp costs a few cents more than the current postal rates, but it’s PERSONALIZED with any photo you like on it!

Photo stamps are really great for special occasions like:

  • Baby announcements
  • Wedding invitations
  • Thank you notes
  • Birthday parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Holiday cards

The possibilities are endless!

How fun is that?!


Fun Ideas For Photo Stamps

You could use a photo of:

  • Your dog just being cute
  • Your new baby
  • Your tanned self on a cruise
  • Your company logo
  • Your pet snake eating a mouse
  • Your brand new car
  • Your entire family
  • Your favorite hobby
  • Your kids hamming it up
  • Your dream wedding
  • Anything you want… squeezed into a 1.4″ x 1.9″ rectangle!

Pretty much anything you like — just no nudity or Ted Kaczynski mug shots. (Yes, that’s exactly how it’s spelled out in the fine print!) After all, letters bearing these stamps must travel through other people’s hands and pass by the eyes of innocent children.


Helpful Tips Before Making Photo Stamps

  • When you view the pricing, realize that’s the price for each sheet of 20 stamps. The price goes down the more stamps you buy.
  • You’re not limited to standard 1 oz letter-size stamps. You can also get postcard, large 1 oz envelope, 2 oz envelope, 3 oz envelope, 4 oz envelope, or 1 lb Priority stamps — to meet your needs whether you’re mailing a lot of things individually or for your company.
  • It’s quick and simple make your personalized postage stamps online. Simply follow the prompts and tell it where on your hard drive your digital photo exists. You can then crop it, resize it, move it, or select a new images and start over. The entire time you can see right before your eyes what your actual postage stamp will look like!

Learn more about U.S. Photo Stamps.


Other Fun Things You Can Personalize

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