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Fun With Flickr Photos

Prompted by this and this, I started researching all of the cool FUN things you can do with Flickr.

First, you’ve gotta check out the photos I posted for the above-mentioned Day In The Life Of… (DILO) project here: My dilomay05 Flickr Photos

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, check out these other WAY-cooler things you can do with Flickr:

  • Spell With Flickr — A quick and simple way to spell out virtually anything using Flickr photos. Just type your word and waa lah… The pictures that spell out your word appear right before your very eyes!
  • View Flickr Photos on TiVo — I don’t have TiVo, don’t even really want TiVo, but I think it’s a cool advancement for those who do.
  • Flickr RSS Feed Generator — This reads RSS feeds from Flickr’s homepage. It can run on your computer’s hard drive or on your website.
  • Photo Upload — Allows you to upload photos directly to a specific photoset, use IPTC and EXIF fields in photo description, and generate tags from IPTC keywords.
  • Flickr Moblog — Turn any blog into a moblog. When uploading photos into Flickr via email, this makes it simple to automatically adds tags or post right to your blog.
  • Flickr RSS Feeds By Tag — Now you have the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds based on the “Tags” assigned to photos.
  • Flickr Screensaver — Turn your computer into a slideshow of Flickr photos when you’re not using it.
  • AND Flickr Photo Viewers — Both provide an an interesting and unique way to view photos based on Tags.
  • Picassa/Gmail Uploads — Combine Picasa and Gmail to upload photos to Flickr.
  • Photo Splicing — Splice photos into your blog feed using RSS (Feedburner).
  • FlickrFox — An extension for Firefox that lets you browse your Flickr photostreams in a sidebar of your browser.
  • Flickr Without Flash — A way that you can use Flickr without the Flash.
  • Flickr Zeitgeist — Show a randomly changing collage of photos (yours, your friends’, or random selections from other Flickr members).
  • Flickr Groups — Post your photos in one or more “groups” — a more meaningful method of organizing photos than “tags”. Some of these groups are more like “contests,” “themes” or “ongoing projects” — similar to meme’s in the blogging world.
  • Flickr’s Best — Something to shoot for… behind the scenes at Flickr, they’re able to compile not just the “most popular” or “most viewed” photos in the system… but the “most interesting” photos — based on “heavy duty analysis of user behavior around the photos.”

    Other Factual (& Fun!) Stuff About Flickr

  • Yahoo Owns Flickr — How Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr will affect Flickr’s current services (and vice versa).
  • Official Flickr Blog — Find out what’s new on Flickr, when there’s a new “contest” you can participate in, how to get more exposure for your own photos, find new creative ways to take photos… and organize them.
  • Copywrite Your Flickr Photos — How to add copywrite protection to your photos on Flickr.
  • Flickr FAQ — Official answers to all your official questions. This is a great resource!
  • Flickr Forums — These forums are fairly active, and they’re a great place to ask fellow users questions and get a response in a matter of minutes. Also find fun new ideas to try, as well as what works & what doesn’t.
  • Flickr Press — Noteworthy press coverage and news that Flickr has received.
  • Beginner Tips — Tips for Flickr novices.
  • Get The Most — Tips for getting the absolute most out of Flickr.
  • Flickr Wins A “Webby Award” — Yes, they get to take home the “Breakout of the Year Award”!Many, many more tips and tools that you can use in Flickr can be found here!


    Launched in 2002, Flickr has grown along with digital camera sales and has helped popularize tagging. Named “Breakout of the Year” at the 2005 Webby Awards, the community now numbers 37 million photos and 1.2 million members, many of whom are considered to be among the web’s most creative image makers. — Wired News