Photo Selfie Tips: 4 Different Ways To Take The Best Selfies

by Lynnette

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I’ve shared my best tips for looking better in photos before, as well as how to look 5 pounds thinner in pictures.

For the most part, those ideas pertain to group photos and pictures that other people take of you.

But what about some selfie tips?

Selfies are close up and personal, so there are some very unique tips that apply when taking selfies.

4 Ways To Take Awesome Selfies

I’ve been taking selfies since WAY before the term “selfie” was coined in 2012!

Granted, my selfies haven’t always been the best quality. (I tend to like unusual angles better than “perfect” selfies.)

I recently saw Randi Zuckerberg and Katie Couric talking about selfies.

Together, they offered up the following 4 tips for taking a great selfie.

I’ve included a number of examples and additional selfie tips for each of the ideas they suggested…

#1 – Hold the camera a little higher than your face.


If you hold the camera higher — like at a 45 degree angle — rather than straight out in front of you, your face will appear thinner. You also won’t have a double chin.

Whatever is closest to the lens is going to look bigger. When you shoot from above, your eyes look bigger, which is generally attractive–especially for women.

#2 – Tilt your head a little bit to one side.


Not only will your face appear thinner than a head-on shot would, a tilted head also shows a small spark of personality.

Just for fun, you might want to try an interesting angle like this.

By the way, Glamour magazine says that “women tilt their heads at a greater angle — a 12.3-degree tilt as opposed to 8.2 degrees for men.” 

#3 – Always be keenly aware of what may be seen in the background of your photo.


Think about the mirrors, reflections, shadows, or just consider what’s nearby within the frame of the camera.

For example, here are lots of strange things captured in the background of photos.

On the other hand, if you’re in a unique or memorable location, try to include it in your background!

#4 – Take your selfie in the best light possible.


Indoors, try to avoid using your camera’s flash because it can make you look too washed out.

Outdoors, photos taken during daylight hours provide the best natural lighting, especially just before sunset.

And whether you’re in front of a window (indoors) or the sun (outdoors), always face the light, rather than having the light behind you.

Here are some great ideas for taking outdoor selfies.

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