Get Your Photos & Videos Featured In Yahoo! News Stories

by Lynnette

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amateur-video-journalist.jpg These days, more and more amateur writers, photographers, and video journalists are being invited to submit their work to online news sources like Yahoo! News.

From Kim Komando:
Mainstream news sources are enlisting the help of everyday people. Yahoo! has opened a site that allows visitors to submit videos and photos of news stories…Yahoo! won’t pay you for your photos or videos. But, your work could be featured on Yahoo! News. So keep your eyes open and camera handy!

…Sounds like bloggers are taking their raw talents and off-the-cuff style to the mainstream media, and mainstream media is eating it up!

C’mon, we all knew it was eventually going to go this way, right?

Traditional print media… written by traditional print media writers… is so “yesterday”.

And I for one am thrilled to be seeing more bloggers being sought out for their content, photographs, videos, and unique points of view.

Some other online news sources currently accepting content:

“How To Succeed As A Citizen Media Editor” by Mark Glaser, USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review

“Reinventing The Newspaper… Again” by John Robinson, News & Record

“Citizen Journalism Shows How Firms Have Learned To Quickly Embrace New Technologies” by Joe Light, Boston Globe

“Collaborative Newspaper Column: The Pitch” by Thomas Crampton, Joi Ito Web