Incredible Pictures Via Time-Lapsed Photography

Check out the videos and photographs featuring incredible scenes like billowy clouds rushing by, sunrises and sunsets, big city traffic & neon lights, plants & flowers, people moving about, seasons, landscapes & scenery, to name just a few.

Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding Or Special Occasion!

Did you know that you can actually rent a photobooth for your next event? What a great way to get candid and FUN shots of your party guests! The photo strips could be used in a personal scrapbook — instead of using a traditional guestbook — or handed out to guests — what a FUN wedding favor. Photo booths are great for weddings and other special events.

Can You See Me???

This is me taking a self-portrait of me & my dogs. Only I didn’t realize at the time that I had also captured Jersey (the American Eskimo) in the background!

Make Your Own Fun Magazine Cover!

Make a realistic looking magazine cover featuring a picture of yourself, your family, your car, your pets… anything! It’s fast. It’s free. It’s easy to do yourself online!

Sharpcast For Sharing, Syncing & Backing Up Photos

I spent much of today researching, and then playing with Sharpcast! It’s a brand new photo organizer, but much MUCH more. Sharpcast lets you sync your photos on your desktop, your laptop, your cellphone, your PDA… anywhere you want access to your entire collection of digital photos. Plus, Sharpcast is a great tool for backing up photos and sharing them too. Check it out!

How To Take FUN Graduation Photos

Here’s how to document the graduate’s big day by photographing all of the special moments leading up to — and including — Graduation Day. Want FUN graduation photos this year? Start here…