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Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding Or Special Occasion!

Did you know that you can actually rent a photobooth for your wedding or other special event?

Or, you could always make your own photobooth!

What a great way to get candid and FUN shots of your party guests, right?

The photo strips could be used in a personal scrapbook (instead of using a traditional guestbook), or handed out to guests (what a FUN party favor).

And with everything going “retro” these days… it just makes sense that photo booths would be finding their way into weddings and other special events.


Here’s the scoop on renting photo booths…
College friends in a photobooth... I'm in the top left.

By my quick study of a handful of companies offering photobooth rentals, it costs about $1,500 or so for a full day’s use.

And there are usually big discounts for multi-day use.

That’s not exactly the kind of cash I’ve got lying around for a weekend event or the kind of parties we tend to throw around here. But I’m thinking… for a wedding it just might be worth it!

Truth is, I never even thought of doing something like this at a wedding, until I saw it on Dr. Phil on TV a few days ago. (I had a weak moment… and then I remembered why I make a conscious attempt not to watch this show whenever I’m home on weekdays.)

Dr. Phil’s son, Jay just got married and he and his bride had a photo booth at their wedding!

All of the guests were invited to step inside to snap 4 individual photos. And the photo strips themselves were placed in a wedding scrapbook — in lieu of having a formal guestbook.

What FUN, right?!?!


Where To Rent Photo Booths:

My own retro photobooth picture...  circa 1984.



Classic Photo Booth

Photobooth Scrapbooks


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