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Mirrored Reflections: It’s All Relative… and ‘Compact’ in Size!

Have you ever noticed that almost every single good movie out there has a “mirror reflection” scene in it?

It’s a shot where you can see the main character in the room and an interesting reflection of that same character in a nearby mirror at the same time.

I heard a movie director commenting on this one time on the director’s cuts of a DVD and how effective it is as a movie effect.

I figured if they can do it in the movies, then why not try it in real life?

Here is my humble attempt at capturing action in real life and in a mirror at the same time…

Mike in the car and in the car mirror.



Here’s another example with my niece…

lookin-at-you-small.jpgThis is little Karly. Adorable in every way. And doing what every little girl starts doing right around the age of 4: Checking out herself in the mirror.

This was my little compact mirror that she pulled out of my purse last Christmas.


The photo in its original format:

A little girl lookin at herself in the mirror.