Make Your Own Credit Card Sized SD Card Holder

by Lynnette

computers, memory cards

Do you use SD cards?

Here’s a fun idea to make use of an old credit card (or one of those “your name here” fake cards you get in the mail from credit card companies).

You may have seen SD card holders like these in book or magazines. The cool part is the fact that you can now keep your SD card safely protected inside your wallet, rather than say in your shirt pocket or your pants pocket (…where it’s likely to find its way into the wash).

Thanks to “sarCastro“, you can now make one of those nifty SD card holders yourself!

Here’s the gist of it:



Here are the step-by-step instructions for making the credit card sized SD card holder.

[This idea came via photojojo’s e-newsletter… Love it!]



Another keychain memory card reader and USB flash drive.

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