Sharpcast For Sharing, Syncing & Backing Up Photos

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Sharpcast photos.
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I initially heard about Sharpcast from Kim Komando:

“Once you sign up, you can download a small program. Then you start adding your photos to it. You can arrange them into different libraries. You can also share your photos with friends and family, so it’s got that covered, too. Then, in the event something happens to your computer, backups — or, heaven forbid, your house — you can retrieve them from the Internet. You get 2 gigabytes of storage, so you have plenty of room. Did I mention it’s free?”

She thoroughly researches programs that make your life easier in the digital world, and Kim Komando only recommends the best.

Her comments about Sharpcast picqued my interest, and I wanted to know more before I actually tried out the program for myself.

I found these incredible reviews:

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CNN Money

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Personal Technology (Walt Mossberg)

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By the way, I have yet to find any negative reviews. There are very few people who’ve pointed out downsides to the program.

In fact, Michael Parekh shared some questions/concerns he had about Sharpcast on his personal blog — things he wanted to know before he actually tried the program for himself — and the CEO of Sharpcast posted a comment on his blog the very next day, addressing each concern one-by-one. And the CEO’s answers were exactly what we had hoped to hear …all good stuff, and even more reasons to use Sharpcast!

Here’s more from Gibu Thomas, the CEO of Sharpcast from a video interview.

Okay, I’m in!

Why Sharpcast Rocks

Sharpcast mobile.
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I downloaded Sharpcast, and now I’m excited to start syncing everything between my home computer, Jim’s laptop, and my PDA phone (Windows Mobile 5.0 on a Cingular 8125 phone). So far, it’s really easy!

But even if you haven’t got a PDA phone, or a laptop — or if syncing isn’t exactly what you’re after — consider Sharpcast for its backup capabilities.

Or better yet, simply use Sharpcast for the ease of sharing photos with friends & relatives! I’m telling you, it’s like no other photo sharing program you might have tried (Flickr, Shutterfly, YahooPhotos). This one is SEAMLESS! Your photos can be viewed & managed from their website or from your desktop, cellphone, or laptop.

While the photo capabilities are way cool, I especially like the future enhancements which are in the works for Sharpcast — the ability to sync & backup files, documents, folders, calendars, and much more!

“The vision behind the company is this: Users shouldn’t have to care where their data is. For files, e-mails, calendar items, music tracks, photos, and videos, no matter where a user first puts an item, it should be available on all of their devices or over the Web.”

CNet Reviews

See for yourself… take the quick tour through Sharpcast’s features online.

Get started using Sharpcast here.

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