Canon Digital Rebel Camera Is The Best!

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Without a doubt, the Canon Digital Rebel is the best camera we’ve ever owned.

In fact, it just might be the best PRODUCT we’ve ever bought!

…it’s that good.

Canon Digital Rebel Camera D300
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Canon D300 Digital Rebel Camera is a 6.3 megapixel digital camera that lets you choose “manual” or “autofocus” options like most professional cameras, and uses interchangeable lenses and filters, like other high-end cameras do.

The best part: anyone who owns a Canon Rebel film camera, will appreciate the fact that ALL of your current lenses are 100% compatible with the Canon Rebel digital camera.

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UPDATE: Canon has since come out with the Canon D350 Dgital Camera which is 8MP instead of 6.3MP like ours. It’s a tad smaller and lighter, but the basic features all remain the same. (The more you learn about megapixels, the more you’ll realize that more MP’s aren’t necessarily better…)


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