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With the free photo prints app, you get 85 free 4x6 prints a month (1,000 a year)! I like how easy it is to order photos AND photobooks.

Thinking about moving? Do what we do... take a picture using that area's natural surroundings to spell out the name of the town you'll be moving to! So fun.

Put your own personal photos on U.S. postage stamps! Here's how to create personalized photo stamps for packages, letters, wedding invitations, thank-yous, birth announcements, and more!

Since cameras and parties always go hand-in-hand, these fun party ideas will be welcomed and you can bet that everyone will eagerly participate!

With the most basic digital photo frames costing $50 or less, they’re affordable, fun, and perhaps the perfect gift for some of the people on your list.


Tired of looking bad in photos? Look great in photos simply by standing a certain way. I have specific tips to make your BODY look better and your FACE look better.

Fun with a photobooth at a party. The theme: Love on wheels.

If the price of renting a photo booth makes you cringe, then make your own photobooth instead! Here are helpful videos and photobooth instructions to DIY.