How To Make Personalized Kleenex Boxes

by Lynnette

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Yep, now you can create your very own personalized Kleenex tissue box!

It’s oval in shape, and a one-of-a-kind original with all of the colors, photographs, and text chosen by you.



Personalized Kleenex boxes like these would be great for weddings, nurseries, grandparents, pet lovers, vacation pictures, family & class reunions, etc.


Cost & Shipping For Kleenex Boxes

It’s only $4.99 plus shipping.

However, it costs about $6.00 to ship 1-6 of these Keenex boxes, so your best bet is to purchase a few of them.

Depending on the shipping method you choose, you will receive your Klennex box(es) within 4 to 12 business days.


How To Order


Start here.





  • Pick a colorful background image.
  • Add photos, frames and clipart, if you desire.
  • Add text in the color and font of your choosing.
  • Pick a colorful lid color.

Along the way, you have complete flexibility to adjust sizes, rotate things, move items right or left, and adjust forward or backward.

You can save your design along the way, so you can come back to it later. You can also preview what you’ve done at any time. When you’re satisfied with your creation, simply click “Save to Cart” and proceed to checkout.



By the way, the images on the Kleenex box you see here are photos of my dogs.

Still have questions? Contact Kleenex directly.