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World’s First Wi-Fi Digital Camera: The Kodak EasyShare-One

The future is now…

Yep, the next big thing in digital photography — the Wi-Fi digital camera — is finally available!

We own two digital cameras

  • The larger one is an SLR with interchangeable lenses (Canon Digital Rebel D300) and we tote around in a camera backpack when we’re going somewhere worth photographing.
  • The smaller handheld digital (Kodak EasyShare DX4330) is the one I always keep on me EVERYWHERE where I go.

While I’ve raved about the virtues of the Canon D300 before, the point of today’s post is: I LOVE the Kodak EasyShare for quick, sharp, hi-resolution, colorful photos!

Plus, I know 3 other people who own a Kodak EasyShare and feel likewise.

Now, the best news…

Kodak EasyShare-one digital camera. Kodak has come out with a NEW EasyShare camera (the Kodak EasyShare-one) that lets you wirelessly share your photos — moments after you snapped them — right from the palm of your hand.

That’s right, there’s no computer required!

“The Kodak EasyShare-one is the world’s first Wi-Fi consumer digital camera.”

EasyShare-One Features

  • Kodak EasyShare-one digital camera with rotating touch screen. 3-inch LCD screen flips out and swivels 180 degrees for incredible shooting angles
  • Touchscreen LCD enables you to input names, passwords, e-mail addresses, folder names, picture labels, and more using an onscreen keyboard with the included stylus (like a PDA)
  • 256 MB internal memory stores up to 1500 pictures (actually, 185 MB available memory)
  • With the internal memory, no memory cards are required, but there’s an SD slot for additional storage, if desired (I’d recommend it)
  • 4 megapixel camera for great photos from a handheld digital
  • 3X optical zoom (36mm to 108mm)
  • 802.11b wi-fi compatibility (the required Wi-Fi card is included)
  • USB cable (for faster downloads to your computer) also included
  • Audio/video cable included for showing your photos on a TV screen
  • TWO Kodak Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries (KLIC-5000) & battery charger included
  • Comes with a “premium leather camera case” for safe transport of your hand-held digital cameraNow, with all the wifi hotspots available all over the country, you can send real-time photos to friends and family WITHOUT a computer.

How The Kodak EasyShare-One Works
1. You tap into a wireless network through any hot spot location or a home network.

2. You upload your photos directly from the camera to Kodak’s online photo service (formerly called Ofoto).

3. Your friends/relatives can immediately view your photos, or purchase copies at their convenience.

How Much Does The EasyShare-One Cost?
The camera itself is around $600 and comes with everything you’ll need to send photos wirelessly via e-mail.


Some may be interested in the optional printer — for use on the road, or at home:

1GB secure digital memory card. To be safe, most will choose to purchase an additional SD memory card to hold more photos than the camera’s internal memory allows. With photography, you never want to “run out of film” (if you’re still using a FILM camera) or “run out of space” (if you’ve gone digital).
—> Your best bet: a 1 GB secure digital card to hold hundreds of photos at the highest resolution.

Did You Know?…

  • For a limited time, EasyShare-one owners can get a free bound book of their favorite photos and 10 free prints on the Kodak EasyShare Gallery. (A certificate comes with each digital camera with a password for these free items.)
  • EasyShare-one owners can also sign up for a free 30-day trial of T-Mobile HotSpot Internet Access service.
  • Development on the EasyShare-one started in the summer of 2002 and officially appeared on the market 3 months later than intended.
  • Here’s a great multi-page review of the Kodak EasyShare-one digital camera.