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Online Dating Sites Reveal What Makes The Best Online Dating Profile Photos

Your main profile photo is the #1 most important thing in your online dating profile! That said, I find it really interesting that men and women have such different approaches when it comes to choosing their online dating profile photos. For example, while 2/3rds of women smile in their profile photos, 2/3rds of men don’t. Also, […]


Photo Selfie Tips: 4 Different Ways To Take The Best Selfies

I’ve shared my best tips for looking better in photos before, as well as how to look 5 pounds thinner in pictures. For the most part, those ideas pertain to group photos and pictures that other people take of you. But what about some selfie tips? Selfies are close up and personal, so there are some […]


How To Look Better In Photos: Slimming Tips + Better Smiles

I’m usually the one taking all the photographs. Rarely am I in them. However, I was recently photographed in a posed group photo with a few girlfriends. And 2 things about myself quickly came to mind: #1.  I should have stood in the back row! I’m tall and a few pounds over my ideal weight […]

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Fun With Photos


8 Fun Party Ideas: Cameras + Friends = Unique Photo Memories!

If fun is your middle name and photography is your favorite game, here are some interesting ways to have fun with a camera at parties. Since cameras and parties always go hand-in-hand anyway, these fun party ideas will be a welcomed sight at the party and you can bet that everyone will eagerly participate. The […]

Fun with a photobooth at a party. The theme: Love on wheels.

DIY Photobooth Instructions: How To Make A Photobooth & Add Life To The Party

If the price of renting a photo booth makes you cringe, then you may want to try your hand at making your own photobooth. In the simplest sense, all you really need is a fun backdrop where your guests can stop by and get playful portraits snapped by a photographer. Here are some people who made their […]

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Photo Editing, Organizing & Sharing

Adobe Photoshop Is FREE Online Now!

If you’ve always wanted PhotoShop, but couldn’t afford it, now you can use PhotoShop for FREE! Adobe PhotoShop Express is their new online photo editing program. It’s got about 17 cool features, and lacks a couple too. But it’s great for free!

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Cameras & Accessories

Make Your Own Credit Card Sized SD Card Holder

Do you use SD cards? Here’s a fun idea to make use of an old credit card — or one of those ‘your name here’ fake cards you get in the mail from credit card companies. It’s an easy way to carry your SD memory card in your wallet!

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